Does your cat scratch where they are not supposed to? Does your cat think the couch is a better place to scratch than their scratch post? Ceva Animal Health has a new product designed to help and redirect inappropriate scratching called Feliscratch.


Feliscratch is clinically proven to redirect scratching to a desired location (i.e.: to a scratching post). It sends visual and territory messages to cats and encourages them to scratch in a desired location. Results can be seen as soon as 7 days, but can take up to four weeks for full effect.

How to use

  • Place scratching post horizontally over newspaper. Apply the product in 2-3 lines to mimic natural lacerations left by cat scratching. Let dry for 5 minutes then turn the post vertically.

  • Apply 1 pipette daily for 7 days, then 1 pipette at the beginning of week 3 and again at the beginning of week 4.


Please take note

  • If after 2 weeks there is no improvement it is recommended to spray Feliway Classic on the areas the cat should not be scratching (clean the area first with warm water and allow to dry before spraying). Repeat this daily until the cat stops scratching where they are not supposed to.

  • Feliscratch does not help if scratching is directed towards you the owner, or if they are scratching inappropriately in multiple locations around the house. If your cat is scratching you or has multiple areas where they scratch inappropriately it is recommended to Feliscratch on multiple scratching posts and/or add in the use of a Feliway Classic diffuser in your home.

Other tips

  • If you have a multi cat household, ideally each cat should have their own scratching post. This prevents competition that could lead to unwanted scratching in your home.

  • There is catnip in this product – the cat may rub its face over where the Feliscratch was applied or lick the product. There is no risk to the cat in doing so.

  • There is a blue color to the product that will leave visible lines behind when applied. This is to send a visual message to the cat to visibly attract them to the scratching post. It will fade but not completely disappear.