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Summer Fear and Stress Support for Your Pet

Summer means festivities, get-togethers, fireworks and thunderstorms. While we might enjoy a brilliant firework display, getting together with friends around a campfire or a loud, electrifying thunderstorm our pets might think otherwise. If your pet is scared, uneasy or anxious over the summer there are many products (most over the counter) that can be used to relax and support your pet though the summer weather, events and celebrations.

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Poison and Toxicity

Poisoning and toxicities can happen at any time. Usually the cause of the poisoning is due to a combination of human error and mischievous pets. Toxic substances left unattended may be accidentally ingested by pets. Toxic foods left out on the counter or table will be no match to a determined pet. Plant toxicities may occur if you were unaware the plant was actually toxic, or if they are in areas of your house where they are in reach of your pet.

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