Purina Calming Care Probiotic Supplement


Calming Care Probiotic

This strain of probiotic is shown to help dogs maintain calm behavior by blunting the cortisol response during stressful events. This supplement works best when used daily on a consistent basis.

Benefits seen

  • Promotion of a positive emotional state.

  • Helps dogs cope better in stressful situations such as separation, strangers/visitors, change in daily routine, moving or relocation.

  • Can improve anxious behaviors such as vocalization, jumping, pacing and spinning.

Additional notes

  • Contains the probiotic strain BL 999

  • Usually takes 6-8 weeks to see results

  • Excellent palatability

  • Animal digest is pork and chicken hydrolysate

  • The powder can be mixed with water and given orally if they will not eat it in their food.