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Feline Breed Spotlight: Munchkin

The Munchkin cat came from a natural genetic mutation causing a cat to have short legs. The gene for the short, turned out legs has a dominant inheritance pattern, similar to Corgis and Dachshunds. This is a new breed of cat, recognized by The International Cat Association in the late 1990s. Even though the breed is new, short legged cats are not a new thing. There are reports of short legged cats from around the world since the 1940s. In the 1980s a stray cat gave birth to a litter with some short legged kittens. One male from this litter, as well as the mother cat were the basis from where the breed known today originated from. Breeding programs for new breeds have a genetics committee to monitor breeding data to oversee the development of the breed. Outcrosses to domestic shorthairs and longhairs are used to ensure a diverse gene pool as this breed continues to develop.

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