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Appointments are recommended in order to keep your wait time to a minimum. Please realize that we make a sincere attempt to see each client on time, but occasionally delays are inevitable. We will try to see walk-in appointments, but scheduled appointments will be taken first. Walk-in appointments may be offered the option of leaving their pet with us for the day if this is a more convenient solution. This provides us with more flexibility to examine your pet.

Emergencies will be given priority. Please try to phone in advance so that we can be properly prepared to assist your pet. If you have an emergency or concern while our office is closed, please contact one of the emergency hospitals in Edmonton.

Guardian Veterinary Centre (south side): 

(780) 436-5880 (Open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week)

Pulse Veterinary Specialists and Emergency (Sherwood Park)

(780) 570-9999 (Open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week)


We attempt to provide an accurate estimate for all recommended treatments. A written treatment plan (with costs) is provided for all major procedures. If you would like a treatment plan for a recommended procedure and did not receive one, please ask us for a copy. A treatment plan provides you with an estimated cost of treatment. For uncomplicated cases, we generally do not anticipate more costs than the estimate. For complicated care, where your animal requires, for example, hospitalization for several days, it is more difficult to give an initial precise treatment plan. In this case, we keep in contact with you and update you daily in regard to your pet’s condition and any increased fees.

Payment is expected upon completion of your visit. We accept debit card, cash, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Cheques are not accepted at our hospital. Deposits are required for hospitalized patients.

Pet Food

At our hospital, we carry several varieties of pet food. These include certain foods by Hill’s, Medi Cal/Royal Canin, Purina, and Rayne. We also carry Harrison’s Bird Foods. Please check our links page for information about all the foods we carry. Please also check out our online store for your pet food needs. If we do not carry your pet’s food, please inquire, and we can try to order it for you. Due to limited storage space, we can not stock every size of every food, but we are happy to order whatever size or brand you need. We also have Frequent Buyer Cards for most brands we carry. Please call us for details.

Pet Insurance

Pet medical insurance is available from many different companies. Several insurance companies offer a free limited time trial for your pet. Please contact us if you would like to know more about this option. The responsibility of filing insurance claims lies with each pet owner, but we are happy to assist with the process, including immediate online submissions. Check our links page to access the various pet insurance websites.

Phone/Internet Advice

Our veterinarians require that your pet have a physical examination in order to provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Veterinarians are required to have a Veterinarian-Client-Patient relationship in order to treat the patient or prescribe medication.

Vaccination Protocol

Our vaccination protocol is based on current veterinary medical research which reviewed the length of efficacy of dog and cat vaccines. Most of our vaccines for adult dogs and cats are tri-annual (every 3 years). However, some are still annual, like Bordatella (or kennel cough). The veterinarian will make vaccination recommendations for your pet based on health, age, and lifestyle. Health exams are an important part of your pet’s veterinary care, so annual visits are still recommended. Older pets should have health exams twice yearly in order to detect any diseases while still in the early stages.

Vaccine titres (pronounced “tighters”) are measurements of antibody levels produced by vaccinations. We can check titre levels in place of vaccination through a simple blood test. Please feel free to discuss this option with one of our veterinarians.


Any information we collect is kept strictly confidential. No information will be disclosed to outside parties, as we recognize the importance of protecting your personal privacy. Pet information will not be released without your written or verbal consent.

Volunteer Program

We are happy to provide a volunteer program for those interested in exploring career options in the veterinary industry. If you would like to volunteer at our hospital, please submit your resume and/or request in writing to Becky, RVT when you are visiting in person. The minimum age for volunteering is 15 years old. Volunteer shifts are available weekdays during the morning or afternoon.  Please note we do not have volunteer placement on weekends.

Alternative Therapy

If you are interested in pursuing a holistic method of treatment, contact us to discuss your pet’s needs and the options for care. Have your regular veterinarian send us a referral form, along with your pet’s medical records and any radiographs (if radiographs have been performed). Once we receive these records, we will contact you to arrange an appointment. Receiving these records at least a week prior to your pet’s appointment allows our veterinarians to review your pet’s medical history and become familiar with your pets condition. If we do not have access to your pet’s medical records and/or radiographs, we may be required to repeat testing that has already been done at your regular veterinary hospital or we may need to reschedule your appointment in order to allow the veterinarian time to properly review your pet’s medical history.